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Alexis Moran and Jeremy Talbot were childhood friends who grew apart when they went away to different colleges. Alexis used to scared Jeremy when they when they were growing up.

Both Alexis and Jeremy had secret crushes on each other but never told anyone. But Jeremy had another secret of his own that only his family knew about. His is an energy vampire that feeds off of humans' energy and emotions.

Illusions by Elisa Adams is a very short sizzling love story that I would recommend to anyone who likes short stories.

Book Blurb for Illusions

A work related errand turns into so much more when Alexis Moran meets up with her childhood friend Jeremy and things get out of control. She's always had a secret crush on the man, but had never worked up the nerve to tell him the truth. Now she's finally gotten the courage to take the first step.but things aren't what they seem.

Jeremy Talbot has a secret of his own, one he can't tell anyone except his family. He's an energy vampire who feeds off the energy and emotions of humans. He keeps to himself most of the time, trying to avoid human contact unless necessary, but then Alexis walks back into his life.

At first, he tries to frighten her away, but then he realises he'd rather keep her close. He's been in love with her all his life, and he can no longer hide what he feels, even if he has to hide what he is.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 4.00