Hunter's Salvation

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Hunter's Salvation

Hunter Series - Book 2

Vax Matthews thought he left being a hunter behind to live a nice quiet life on his ranch. But sometimes he is called back into action whether if he likes it or not. Jessica "Jess" Warren is a psychic who is on a hunt of her own to find the person or persons who killed her baby sister Randi and other girls.

When Vax is called back into action and his hunt leads him to Jess Warren and a club ran by William Masters. Jess believes that William has something to with the killings and she is determined to find out what he knows. Vax realizes that he and Jess are hunting the same person or persons who are responsible for the killings that are happening. They decide to join forces to hunt these killers or killer who is responsible for all of the killings.

Shiloh Walker pens a fascinating story that has elements that I enjoy to read like adventures, action, drama and emotions and mixed with witches, a psychic, werewolves, vampires and among other things that roam the night. Hunter's Salvation is the first book (book 10) that I have read in the Hunter's Series. It held my attention and a page-turner from beginning to end.

I would recommend Hunter's Salvation and I will be reading the beginning of this series also.

Book Blurb for Hunter's Salvation

In this dazzling sequel to the bestselling novel Hunting the Hunter, Shiloh Walker returns to tell the story of another unique hero at the heart of a strange new world. Vax was once committed to his life as a Hunter, tracking down the evil beings who prey on humans, but he opted out of the game long ago. Now, somebody, somewhere, is in danger. And, despite his best efforts, Vax can't ignore his calling.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 4.00