For Her Pleasure

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For Her Pleasure

For Her Pleasure is three novellas interlocking together at the end of the third story. Maya Banks pens a sizzling page-turner that keeps your hand glued to the pages.

In story one, What She Wants you have Kit Townsend, Travis "Mac" McKenzie and Ryder Sinclair. They have been friends since high school. After Kit was attack it left her afraid and shaken. Mac and Ryder had always wanted a threesome with her. But Mac wants Kit as his woman. Kit, Mac and Ryder started their special relationship.

In What She Needs, we find that Ryder has deep feeling for Kit also and too wants her as his own. We also meet Mia Nichols, a friend of Ryder's, who helps him decide what to do about his feelings for Kit.

In What She Craves, we have Mia's story. She falls in love with Jack Kincaid who is a Texas Ranger. She seduces him one night, and the next morning his disappears and she don't know if he is dead or alive. After being gone for two years, Jack is back to his woman and helps her get out of a dangerous situation that she gets herself into.

I really enjoyed the book it has a little action, a little BDSM and erotica mix together. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes the elements that this book contains.

Book Blurb for For Her Pleasure

From the Publisher A delicious twist on erotic romance, and the debut collection from a hot new author. Three novellas. Two interlocking stories. One sizzling read. Nice set up: one spirited woman in Kit Townsend, and two hot buddies, Ryder and Mac, who take turns giving Kit what she needs. It's the perfect no-strings triangle and while it doesn't exactly follow the rules, neither does Kit. But when love unexpectedly throws these three friends for a loop, can they still have a happy ending? And then there's Mia Malone, a sweet Dallas girl who had big dreams for the future when she first met Texas Ranger Logan Kincaid. That fairy tale was a lifetime ago. Today, framed for drug possession, she's forced to work undercover at a strip joint where several working girls have disappeared. Then in walks Logan-her protector, savior, and lover. Author Description Maya Banks has published three previous erotic novels with an e-publisher.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 4.00