Don't Say a Word

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Don't Say a Word

The people in New Orleans consider the sons of the well-established Dubois family as local heroes. Antwaun Dubois is a local police officer and the youngest of the Dubois brothers. Damon Dubois the middle brother is a federal agent. But the Dubois family is hiding a big secret that could hurt the family bold that they share.

That was until a woman's hand was found sticking out of the swamp of the bayou. Antwaun recognizes the ring on the dead woman's hand because he gave it to the woman who thinks the hand belongs to. So he called his brother Damon for help because he might be accused of the murder.

Damon meets a woman name Crystal in the Bayou who is suffering from amnesia and who also bares a striking resemblance to the victim. Together they search for clues about her past and memory. But there is someone who wants to keep Crystal from remembering anything from her past and where she has been.

Rita Herron's Don't Say a Word had a lot of twists, turns and romantic suspense with a touch of the supernatural. Rita Herron had this reviewer on the edge of my seat waiting to see what's going to happen next. Don't Say a Word is a thrilling read that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Book Blurb for Don't Say a Word

Groomed by a covert group of elite killers, Damon left the secret society to join the FBI after a mission went brutally wrong and an innocent woman died.

When his brother is arrested for murder, Damon investigates and finds a "Jane Doe" who holds the key to the case, along with a darker terror-one that threatens to expose Damon's deadly secrets and destroy them all.

Despite the danger, he's drawn to the nameless beauty, igniting a passion that burns hot between them. But with a madman out to silence her forever, Damon knows he must deny their love. And to stop the man responsible, he must return to the one place he has desperately tried to leave behind-the dark shadows of a killer's mind..

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 3.00