Angel Heart

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Angel Heart

Previous Book: Snow Angel

Angel Heart is the sequel to Snow Angel both written by Sharon Maria Bidwell. Angel Heart continues with Dean and Jay who are working and living together. Most of their family and friends are supportive of them except for Jay's sister April.

Jay is gay and has loved Dean since Dean was chasing after April, Jay's sister. But Dean is in denial about his sexuality. He does know if he is fully gay or bisexual. Dean treats Jay as the "woman" and Dean is the "man" in their relationship. But Dean knows for sure that he has eyes only for Jay and loves him. So, why is Dean in denial?

April accidentally heard them one night having sex and she didn't like to hear Dean make Jay beg for it. She thought that Dean is only out to hurt Jay. Jay and April had a sister and brother talk and him and Dean's relationship. He lets her know that he doesn't care what she thinks and that he loves Dean for who he is and Dean loves him for person he is.

Angel Heart is a touching love story and well written, but for this reviewer I had problem with Dean being in denial about his sexuality.

Book Blurb for Angel Heart

Previous Book: Snow Angel

Genre: LGBT Erotic Contemporary

Length: Novella

Last year, Dean Chapman fell hard.for another man. His childhood friend, Jay Reid, has a kind, loving soul; there's a reason Dean calls him "Angel". Now Dean's painfully aware that he holds an angel's heart in the palm of his hand.

Since they've moved in together, most of their friends and family have been supportive, but the one person who knows just how to wind him up, drop him down and step all over him is the one woman who should be on their side: Jay's sister, April. And she's waiting for him to fail.big time.

Dean's determined to prove her wrong but only time can do that and he's not the most patient of men. Even worse, sometimes he fears that despite his resolve, he'll lose the only person who has ever made his heart race. Jay should have someone who can love him completely, and give him everything both emotionally and physically that he needs. If Dean wants to keep him, he has to give himself up to a gay relationship completely and that includes his heart, as well as his more intimate parts.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Male/male sexual situations.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 3.00