A Man for Michael

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A Man for Michael

Mike Antonia owns a gym and used to be an underground fighter. He came back to help out Donnie the owner of the underground fight club. Cory Chow is a sex slave and the world's top undefeated underground fight. He is owned by Benson who used to own Cory's father.

Mike fell in love with Cory at first sight. His whole body came alive as he saw Cory enter the ring. After the fight, Cory is all Mike could think about until he saw him at the next fight.

At the next fight, all hell broke out when Cory threw the fight to end his life to get away from Benson and it was Mike who save Cory from the other fighters.

Sedonia Guillone pens a wonderful love at first sight story. "A Man for Michael is an intense engaging read and will hold your attention until the end. The sex scenes were detailed allowing the reader to form a vision of Mike and Cory making love.

This story was a page turner for me to see if m/m love at first sight is any difference to the standard m/f love at first sight stories. I would recommend this book to anyone who believes in love at first sight.

Book Blurb for A Man for Michael

Mike Antonio has always been a fighter — a tough guy from the streets of Boston whose rough exterior hides a tender heart and a desire for love. He didn't expect a glance from one man to change his entire life.

Cory Chow is the world's top underground fight club star and a sex slave to his owner. Cory hates his life and one sympathetic glance from the brawny stranger on the sidelines makes Cory realize what he's missing. Cory will do whatever it takes to escape his owner and find the love he craves.

But the owner of a million-dollar baby isn't going to let go of his slave so easily and both Cory and Mike will face the fight of their lives.


Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2007 4.00