Wicked Wonderland

I really enjoyed this anthology. All of the stories were great and hooked my attention from the beginning.

Hot Whispers was a story that I just loved. It kept me laughing and somewhat guessing. There was one part that was absolutely hilarious. I really enjoyed both characters. They were very well thought out and loveable characters. Jesse at first starts out differently but then like 3 pages later you already really like him. LuAnn McLane does a really good job on writing this story and making it extremely enjoyable.

Hot for the Holidays by Susanna Carr is a really good story. I really enjoyed it. Rachel and Justin are great characters. Rachel tries to deny what she feels for Justin and so makes up excuses for why she keeps jumping him and giving in. Justin knows that the attraction has been there the whole time and that it is not Christmas that is what's turning her on. The sex in here is pretty hot and in interesting places. I really liked the fact that Justin would not give up, even when Rachel believed that he would and that he was bad for her. The happy ending was memorable.

Hot Arctic Nights by Janice Maynard is a really good read. I really enjoyed the characters and their story. Hallie and Daniel are both very stubborn. Hallie has had a really hard year and she tries to deny her feelings for Daniel because she does not want to open herself up to hurt again. Daniel knows that he has at least started falling for Hallie but notices that she does not want to give in emotionally though he can see that she does feel something deeper for him than just lust. It is interesting to read as Daniel won't give up on Hallie and Hallie struggles with finding out what she is going to do in the future. Both get a great Christmas present and there is a very happy ending.

Book Blurb for Wicked Wonderland

Three popular erotic romance authors heat up the holidays with all- new stories.

Three bestselling authors steam up the pages with sexy tales of women who earn spots on Santa's naughty list...

In LuAnn McLane's Hot Whisper, a woman is stranded in a small town when a sexy local offers her lodging, eggnog-and more-to wait out the cold winter night.

In Susanna Carr's Hot for the Holidays, corporate rivals become lovers, thanks to an office Christmas party gone wild.

And in Janice Maynard's Hot Arctic Nights, a B&B in the far reaches of Alaska promises bed, breakfast and beyond for the new female manager and a hot tenant.


Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.50