Vision Lust

Leopard Visions, Book Four

Vision Lust was a very enjoyable read. I loved Tore and Maurie. They were great characters with great hearts and I was rooting for them the entire time. Maurie has kept her sisters safe and alive for a long time. She has a hard time trusting anyone anymore because of what has happened to them. She is very protective of her sisters and is having to learn how to let go some even though she is not really succeeding before Tore comes into her life. Tore and Maurie are immediately attracted to each other though Maurie doesn't want anything to do with a man, especially a hunter.

I loved the plot line of this story. There was enough action in the story along with the relationship and romance. I enjoyed all of the interactions that went on between Tore and Maurie. The dialogue was great. Once I started reading I didn't want to stop. It kept my attention the entire time and was written well. This was the first Leopard Visions story that I had read and I was not lost at all. I can't wait for more to come.

Book Blurb for Vision Lust

Tore Mann is one of the most powerful hunters among all leopards. That doesn’t mean he has the strength to fight Maurie Sheridan. Or the will to curb the incredible carnal lust that burns him alive every time he picks up her scent. Maurie might be a small female, but she attacks with tooth and claw and doesn’t bother to ask questions later. She’s one hot little female, and Tore will make her his mate. He’ll endure her feisty nature because he doesn’t doubt for a moment he can tame her.

Maurie will attack any male who comes near her litter. She’s successfully protected herself and her littermates since her parents were killed when she was a teenager. But she can’t fight the intense desire building inside every time she attacks Tore. Worse yet, every time they fight, the sex is even hotter. There isn’t any stopping the craving that fills her whenever Tore is near.

These cat-shifters aren’t your everyday cuddly tabby cats. The males are wild and feral, the females are strong and won’t roll over to have their tummies rubbed. If you like leopards, want your loving untamed and fierce, then come take a ride on the wild side…if you can stand the heat. 

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 5.00