Touch My Wolf

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Touch My Wolf

Touch My Wolf was an enjoyable read. Blaine wants his mate very badly but hasn't been able to find him. His best friend and alpha just found his and he is jealous. When he realizes that one of the prisoners they have is his mate he goes into a little denial. Gamble is wild and mean. He is mad at this pack because they killed his alpha. He feels a pull for Blaine but doesn't realize what it is at first. Blaine continually tries to reach Gamble and form that bond with him. Gamble doesn't want to form that bond because he is planning on killing the pack and leaving. As Blaine spends time with him, Gamble begins to get attached but he refuses to admit it. Blaine is a very lovable guy but it takes getting to know Gamble some. The story was smooth and made complete sense. It is very predictable and the sex is hot. I enjoyed getting to know the characters and wish that the story was longer.

Book Blurb for Touch My Wolf

Word Count: 18,200

Blaine has been given the unlucky task of taming the wilder fenrir wolf shifters his pack have taken captive after the fight with their rivals. The worse of the four, the biggest and wildest, appeals to him. Blaine cannot believe how badly he wants this man who had been the lover of the slain Alpha leader.

Gamble wants revenge for the death of the man he loved. Even if they weren’t mated, he cared about his Alpha, and when he escapes he plans to kill every one of the pack that holds him. His plans are set until Blaine steps into his cell. Gamble wants to claim Blaine for his own, but how can he with the violent past between them? He plays with the sexy shifter but won’t commit.

When Gamble is accused of crimes against Blaine’s leader’s mate, Blaine is given three days to make Gamble his mate. His lover’s life is on the line, but can Blaine win his heart?

Warning: This book may cause hyper sensitivity to the all male threesome with sexy shifters tangled in untamed passion. We recommend you read this book twice. Once will never be enough.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.25