Phases Series, Book Seven

Snared was a very enjoyable read with great characters and a thrilling storyline.

Tayen is the shifter and because of this she has stayed away from Quinn and Rogan. She feels the draw to them and the possibility that they might be her mates. Quinn and Rogan have shared women before and are both are drawn to Tayen. They have repeatedly asked her out and she keeps telling them no until a fateful night. That night they find out her secret and it changes the entire story. Tayen wants her mates badly but she had no idea how they would react. She didn't want to scare them off but she knew that she needed to be upfront with them.

I really enjoyed the characters. They were real and believable. There is plenty of action in this story that helps to show the character and personality of the main characters. The story is not slow but it is not rushed either. It runs smoothly. The sex was hot and explicit. The three characters are all together and there is emotion there. They were not strangers before they started a relationship. They all knew that it was different and important. There are twists in the story that keep you attention the entire time. I have not read any of the other stories in this series but I had no problem enjoying this story.

Book Blurb for Snared

CATEGORY: Paranormal Erotic Romance, Phases, Shape-shifter, Ménage.
ELEMENTS: Adult Situations, Graphic Language, Strong Sexual Content, Including Sex With Multiple Partners.
LENGTH: Novella

July’s Thunder Moon is holding true to its name. But will the rash of lightning reveal more than just the landscape?

Veterinarian and bobcat shifter, Tayen Locke, has devoted her life to saving animals, but a rise in poaching has spurred her down another path. She’s been spending her free time in her animal form, searching the nearby forest for illegal traps. She’s well aware of the risks—she just never thought she’d end up snared by her potential mates.

Rangers Quinn Harrington and Rogan James know exactly what they want…they just don’t know how to convince Tayen it’s her. Ever since they moved to town two years ago, they’ve had their sights set on the sexy vet, who for the last six months has turned down every offer they’ve made. Though they know she’s interested, they’re losing hope she’ll ever change her mind.

But an unexpected storm changes the nature of the game. It seems Tayen’s been keeping a secret, and now that the cat’s out of the bag, literally, there’s no where left for Tayen to run—except straight into their arms. 

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 4.25