Savage Lust

Savage Lust was a really good read. I really loved the characters. Chad, Sam and Johnny do not know what to do when they find out that their inheritance has been given to Topaz. Chad reacts very negatively and treats Topaz like crap. Topaz has no idea what is going on. She didn't know that she was in the will let alone that Daddy John owned a horse ranch. I really feel for Chad because he is hurting so much but I also want to smack him upside his head for the way he acts. All of the brothers are attracted to Topaz right away although Chad and Sam go through a bit of denial. I really liked the fact that Topaz wanted to examine her feelings and that she was not sure how she felt about falling in love and being in love with three men. It makes it feel very real. What girl thinks or wants to be in love with three men at the same time. She didn't think that it would work at first but she comes up with an idea with some help. Topaz does not really hide anything. The book runs very smoothly and the plot is good. There is action beyond just the relationship. It keeps you on your toes and guessing on how the relationship is going to end up. The characters are very realistic and react in ways that you would expect them to for the most part. There is some sex but not very much of it. I really enjoyed it.

Book Blurb for Savage Lust

Topaz Fiero is shocked when her mother's long time lover leaves his entire estate in Texas, which she didn't even know he had, to her. Upon arrival at the Douglas ranch, she also discovers John Douglas had three sons, and she's inherited them to go with it.

The Douglas brothers are madder than hell. How dare their father pass in such an untimely fashion, and worse, leave his estate to an unknown woman whom they suspect is probably his mistress. They are ready for battle. No way will they give up their inheritance. When Topaz arrives, they are astonished that she's young enough to be their father's daughter.

Anger is abound and Christmas does not promise to be the pleasant holiday Topaz was so looking forward to--unless she can wiggle her way into the three men's hearts. 

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.50