Run With Me

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Run With Me

Run With Me was a good read. I enjoyed reading it and the interaction between the characters. Val was scared of Tomas even though he had never done anything to him because of what he had lived with his entire life. Tomas knows that Val has a reason to skittish but he wants to show him that he is different than his father. He is in love with Val even though he has never felt attracted to any man other than Val. Val had no attraction to men, but when Tomas starts things with him he feels the chemistry though he stays in denial for a while. The story is short so it is hard to flesh out the characters but Eden Cole did a good job. I knew the characters by the end of the story. I felt that the story was a little fast considering everything that they had both been through. More details would have been nice and made the characters feel more real. Val is looking for a life without being scared and he doesn't care if he has to run to get it. Tomas just wants to protect him and they have to find the balance that allows Val to be himself and Tomas to fulfill his protective tendencies. The story jumps a little bit between pauses and chapters but otherwise it is very smooth. Val and Tomas are in love with each other but both have a hard time saying it at first because of what they are going through.

Book Blurb for Run With Me

Word Count: 19,500

For years, Valentine "Val" Duveau has been running from the cruelty of his father and the men who work for his father. Each time, he's found and dragged back home. Val's father is determined to make Val a man, even if he has to beat it into him. But Val is just as determined to be free to be whatever and whoever he wants to be in life. He just isn't sure what that is yet. When Val has been working for months in a bar/restaurant, he thinks his father has finally given up on him. His good fortune runs out when a man attacks Val in a back alley. Val's rescuer turns out to none other than Tomas, one of his father's henchman. Resigned to his fate of never escaping, Val follows Tomas back to his rundown apartment.

Tomas has loved Val ever since he first started working for Val's father. He's always kept a woman in his bed, but no one in his heart. Tomas knows how cruel Val's father is, and anyone crossing him will regret it, but Tomas can no longer look the other way because of how Val is treated. When he's sent to bring Val home, Tomas decides it's time to run with him and keep Val safe even if it means his life. But will Val accept Tomas when he finds out Tomas's secret, one that has nothing to do with love?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 3.25