Playing Wolf

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Playing Wolf

This story was very entertaining. The characters engage you from the beginning and pull you into their emotions. Mina Carter weaves a tale that invites you in from the very beginning and right away action is happening.

The twins are very alpha but are in denial and are deep into their prospective instincts. They want to protect Cat, even if it is from themselves. Cat has to fight to show that she has grown up and that she's okay sharing everything. The sexual tension is high while everybody is in denial. The reader starts rooting for the good guys to win right from the beginning of the first fight. There are some mysteries that are partially solved by the end of the story but Mina Carter leaves you wanting more. I wanted more from the characters and the story and was not ready to leave them by the end.

Book Blurb for Playing Wolf

Twin wolves Ryder and Jayce share everything. Their job, their cars, their women. There's many a woman happy to spend a night or weekend of passion with a couple of handsome bad-boy bounty hunters. But there's one woman they won't touch ... the woman who sets them on fire like no other.
When Caitlin crashes through the doors of Honey's bar she sets off a chain reaction that has the twins facing their mother's death, their long lost father and their deepest desires.
Life will never be the same again, if they survive.
Contains: M/F/M 

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 3.75