Passion Wears Pearls

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Passion Wears Pearls

Jaded Gentleman

Passion Wears Pearls was an excellent read. I absolutel loved it. Eleanor has no family left and very little money and is working for a tyrant. The tyrant tries to set Eleanor up to sell her body when Eleanor runs into Josiah. Josiah has been struggling with losing his eyesight. He knows that there is really nothing he can do and he is trying to accept it but he wants to paint a great picture before he loses it for good. When he sees Eleanor he sees amazing color, color that he hasn't seen for awhile and he wants to paint her. First he saves her from the man trying to kidnap her and then from the evil shopkeeper (the tyrant). Josiah is very careful to not push things with Eleanor when he asks her to model for him and leaves it all up to her.

This story is excellently written. I was pulled in from the very beginning because of the characters and the storyline. The setting was in good detail but not too much. The characters were written extremely well and I fell in love with them. The story pulled me in and kept me there. I liked the progression of Eleanor and Josiah's relationship. It happened very realistically for me. The sex in this story is fairly explicit and fairly frequent. Eleanor and Josiah have established feelings and a relationship with each other before anything happens (though they keep it to themselves). It added to the story for me. There is also some action in this story. This is part of a series and so the action is a continuation of what has happened before. The Jaded have an enemy that they are trying to defeat and lure out. This storyline is throughout all of the books in the series. A reader could just read Passion Wears Pearls and not be too terribly confused and get enjoyment out of it but I would recommend reading the previous books in the series first.

Book Blurb for Passion Wears Pearls

After the darkness of a dungeon in India, artist Josiah Hastings found that years of imprisonment left his eyesight weak and failing. So when the fiery beauty of Miss Eleanor Beckett appears in his vision amidst the bleak grays of a London winter, he knows he's found his muse and one last chance at a masterpiece...

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 5.00