Monkey Business

Monkey Business was a quick, fun read.

Tina starts out with the worse day possible but Paul makes it better. Tina does not really trust in love at first because of the betrayal of her ex-fiance. Paul knows that she is the one for him from the moment he met her and has to bypass all of her fears and doubts. Tina has a hard time believing in love at first sight, especially that Paul feels that way about her after just being dumped by her fiance. Tina has a hard time catching a break even when she is with Paul because situations keep happening to her that are uncomforatable and funny. Paul's mom's monkey is one of the worst. He really makes Tina uncomfortable by climbing her leg and hiding under bed. But through all of this Tina starts to fall for Paul even though she is in denial at first. She doesn't want to believe the worst but it is far easier for her to do than for her to believe and take that risk of being hurt again. The happy ending is of course well deserved.

Book Blurb for Monkey Business

13K Words

Tina’s day goes from record breaking lows to orgasmic highs after her five year romance comes to a crashing end. What would it hurt to drown her sorrows in the arms of handsome repairman?

Becoming a doctor is the only thing Payton’s wacky family hasn’t affected…much. But he’s never known his tea-leaf-reading mother to be wrong. When he goes undercover to meet the woman she insists is his soul mate, he finds the time of his life!

A monkey, a missing handcuff key, and a family who are all more than a little unusual… 

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 3.50