Mile High Airship Club

The Mile High Airship Club was an ok read. It was really short, 23 pages. I had thought that it would be longer but it was ok. It took longer for Rose and William to get on the airplane than I thought it would. Nishi Serrano took more time to set up the back story. This was cool in the way that we get to know the characters for what later goes on. It does not focus on sex in the beginning half of the book. The second half does though so be prepared. It is very explicit and frequent on the airplane. It is varied and experimental. Rose is stretched and you know this because of the backstory given earlier.

Book Blurb for Mile High Airship Club

Newlywed Lady Rose’s curiosity is inflamed when a mysterious airship captain shows up extending an honorary invitation for she and her husband, Lord William, to join the Mile High Airship Club. A club she has never heard mention of in polite society. Rose is excited for the trip. It will be her first time aboard an airship. However, Rose is blissfully unaware of the trials she will endure to acquire a membership in this pleasure club!

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 3.00