Make Mine a Double

A sequel to My Greatest Fantasy

Make Mine a Double was a great read. I really enjoyed the characters.

Kaylie has about given up on love because she always ends up with a loser. The last one took her money and now she is out of her apartment. The place she stays in is one that is offered to her by a friend. But the owners come back before they were supposed to. There is an instant attraction between them.

Max and Brayden are both instantly drawn to Kaylie even though Brayden is normally not interested in females. Max also likes her and they decide that she is theirs. It is funny and enjoyable to watch them figure out how to win her over into thinking that they are meant to be forever, that they can make this relationship work.

This story is very explicit. There is sex throughout most of the story. There is also emotion involved though most of the time it is being denied by Kaylie. There are some funny situations that occur because there wasn't enough communication. There is definitely some action in this story to keep you interested but it mainly focuses on the relationship. The characters really made this a memorable story.

Book Blurb for Make Mine a Double

No doubt about it, Kaylie Ward’s a loser magnet. So she swears off men. But give her some tequila to wash away those man troubles and she’s more than ready for a hot ménage fantasy. Somehow, dream and reality collide when she wakes up with two naked hunks in bed with her—not that she’s complaining.

Best friends, business partners, lovers—Max Lockhart and Brayden Sinclair share everything, including women. Like a bad country song, they went looking for love in all the wrong places, only to find it waiting for them at home, in their bed no less.

Kaylie’s plans for the future revolve around having a “normal” life. Going after it means living with a broken heart, unless she can keep her double order of beefcake and have a real family too.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.25