Looking for Paradise

Paradise #9

Looking for Paradise was an interesting story. It was enjoyable and I liked the storyline. The characters were great to, but I wish that I had gotten to see more of them. This story is short and so it is hard to get a deep look at all their faucets.

Kayla had no idea that she is a shapeshifter. She is completely oblivious even after she meets Alex and Ryder. They both know that she is their mate but they don't want to frighten her off by telling her what they are so soon. Kayla is drawn to them but she doesn't know why and so tries her best to deny it and them. It doesn't last for too long. The characters were overall great and like I said above I just wish I had gotten more of them. The dialogue was on track and kept my attention. The sex was hot and explicit. The story jumped around a little bit but nothing that didn't make sense or that I couldn't follow. I wish that some of the gaps had been filled in though they were not needed. This was the first story that I have read in this series. I might have had more enjoyment had I read all of the others in the series but it is not needed.

Book Blurb for Looking for Paradise

When Kayla finds her fiancé in bed with another woman, she does what any self-respecting woman would do. She leaves him. Let him have his tiny and trashy bunny-sex baby. Kayla didn’t want him anyway. What she wants is a real man. One who can see her for her real worth. Instead, she lucks out and finds two.

Alex and Ryder are looking for the sister of their alpha’s mate. What they find is the woman of their dreams. Their mate. Ripe and ready for them. If only they can convince her she needs them as much as they need her before the mating heat takes the choice away from them all.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 3.75