Lipstick and Leather

Rough and Ready / Three Sexy Cowboys, Three Sexy Tales

Lipsticks and Leather was a fun read. I enjoyed the characters in the three novellas. In Cowboy Up Anna is on a weekend trip with her best friends. One of her best friends is meeting them there later and the other ends up ditching her fairly soon after they get there for a cowboy. Anna is approached by Mike who she is attracted to but when she finds out that he is a cowboy and rides in the rodeo she says no and denies it. But she runs into trouble repeatedly very quickly and Mike helps her out every time. Her best friend rented the hotel room for the wrong weekend so she is out of a place to stay, until Mike helps her out. In Rough Rider Brianna inherits her father's ranch but she really has no idea how to run a ranch. She wants to try and run it as a business to bring it back into the black. Brianna and Joe, the foreman, butt heads because of this. She tries to make decisions without him that would be detrimental because of it and it makes them both mad when he won't listen to her and overrides her orders with the men. There is an instant attraction between them but neither one wants to give in because of the situation. In Back in the Saddle Susan comes back to the ranch where she fell in love nine years ago. She is back to help and wants to stay and run it but is not sure how she can leave her family back home. She has been put in charge of the family business but her heart is on the ranch and with Gray. Gray has been hurt by Susan leaving him all those years back. When they first run into each other the hurt feelings are there but so is the love. Susan had a really good reason to leave but she never shared it.

In all of these stories the characters are written really well. I really enjoyed the characters and how they interacted with each other. The characters are well developed, especially for the length of the stories. The storyline is written really well in all of them as well. I enjoyed the plot and the twists and turns that happened throughout the stories. They kept me guessing on what was going to happen next and why things had happened in the first place. The sex is fairly explicit and fairly frequent in all the stories. There are definite emotions involved and being built throughout the story and when the sex starts. It just added to the story to me. These stories made me laugh, especially Cowboy Up. Anna just does not have good luck in her circumstances, except for meeting Mike. It cracked me up how things just would not go right for Anna. Mike stepped in every time but she wanted to avoid him, not spend time with him. There were definite times where I laughed in all of the books. My emotions were engaged in these stories.

This is part of a series but you do not need to have read the others to enjoy this one. There is no confusion if you have not read them. I haven't read any of the other stories in the series and I had no problem whatsoever. After reading this one though I would love to read the other books in this series.

Book Blurb for Lipstick and Leather

Lipstick & Leather

Three short sexy stories of mouth-watering cowboys and the women who lasso their hearts.

Cowboy Up

Anna Landon doesn’t do long distance relationships and she doesn’t do cowboys. But when Mike McDaniel comes to her rescue again and again and again, she finds herself attracted to the tall, sexy cowboy more than she ever imagined.

Mike finds Anna intriguing. She’s nothing like the buckle bunnies who want nothing more than to snag a world champion bull rider. He doesn’t get into groupies and Anna is anything but. She’s a whole lot of woman rolled up into one sexy package.

Anna learns that Mike competes on the rodeo circuit and she knows that’s not for her. She doesn’t want a man who will be traveling so much, much less a bull rider who competes in one of the world’s most dangerous sports. Her heart couldn’t take it.

Mike knows he has some convincing to do but he’s determined to make Anna his own.

Rough Rider

Brianna Wilson knows a thing or two about business after running a successful Boston boutique. When she inherits her estranged father’s ranch she has some ideas of her own to get the failing ranch back in the black, and dives in with plan in hand.

Joe Carter never believed he could fall for a woman so fast until he finds Brianna sprawled out in a mud puddle. Problem is she comes charging into her role as boss, making decisions that could end up with every ranch hand quitting.

Brianna and Joe butt heads but she soon comes to realize there’s no controlling an Alpha male cowboy like Joe. She might be the boss, but in the bedroom he’s the one with the control.

Brianna has a lot to learn and Joe makes one great teacher.

Back in the Saddle

Susan Fairfield’s return from Dallas to the family ranch in Arizona is bittersweet. It’s been nine years since she’d fallen in love with Gray Reardon, when her dreams of happily ever afters had been crushed to dust.

Seeing Susan again stuns Gray. He’d fallen for her hard but she’d left without one word that would explain why she wouldn’t see him anymore. She’d broken his heart and he’s not about to go through that hell again.

But when Gray learns the truth, he’s determined that nothing come hell or high water will keep them part. Even when Susan insists that she has to go back to Dallas to run her family business, this time he’s not about to let her out of his life.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 4.00