Kallie Revealed

Kallie Revealed was a good quick read. It was hot and had a great twist at the end.

This short story shows Kallie trying to find herself and gain her self confidence back. She wants to be who she was but with improvements. She does not want to be the selfish rich girl but to find herself and be happy with who she is. Seth, a man that has watched her dance every night, seems to be the key. Kallie has to get the courage to take the chance on Seth. She dances only for him and so just has to let him know that. As Kallie goes through her self-discovery in one night, there is some hot sex to help her along. Kallie learns to enjoy herself and helps the reader to also.

Book Blurb for Kallie Revealed

When Kallie’s fairytale life turned into a nightmare, she dealt with the stress in a way she never would have imagined. For too long she’s yearned to live life outside the box, experience things she has always been too afraid to try.

Becoming every man’s fantasy as a stripper drives away the constant ache within and makes her feel beautiful again. She discovers her dark side and sets out to explore her secret desires.

Seth Masterton is a rising star in the corporate world and he is everything Kallie has ever wanted. He’s watched all Kallie’s performances and never hides his lust for her. She knows it is time to face her demons and make some changes in her life. Maybe this possessive man is all she really needs. Tonight, she’ll find out.

Note: This book contains a brief female/female sex scene, which takes place during a steamy, male/female group sex scene.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 3.25