Handcuffs and Pretty Things

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Handcuffs and Pretty Things

Rawlings Men Series, Book 8

Handcuffs and Pretty Things was a good 4 star read.

Dane is not what Ross was expecting at all. Ross knows a lot of Dane's family and Dane is quite different from them in build and attitude. Dane has not followed into the family business but instead became an antique dealer. This makes for an interesting first meeting. Dane is a submissive though he has had a hard time of it. At this point it is a part of him but he is in denial. Ross is a dominant and he sees the submissive. He knows something is going on but he has to work to get Dane to tell him and to give him a chance. The sex is hot and is definitely BDSM. It is not too heavy and there is no humiliation or put down for Dane. Handcuffs and Pretty Things was written well, and flows pretty smoothly. The characters were good and enjoyable, but it was really short and so hard to really get to know them. It was great to see the other Rawlings. You do not have to read the other stories in this series to fully understand.

Book Blurb for Handcuffs and Pretty Things

ELEMENTS: Male/Male Erotic Romance with Strong Sexual Content, Graphic Language, and Explicit Descriptions of Intimacy including Anal Sex. *Warning: This title contains elements of BDSM, including bondage and submission.

Almost every man in the Rawlings family is a cop. Almost. Dane Rawlings likes the finer things in life. As a successful antiques dealer, imposing law and order upon society isn’t one of his main concerns. But that doesn’t mean he can’t appreciate the appeal of a man with handcuffs.

Ross O’Sullivan has worked with lots of Rawlings men, none of them prepared him for Dane. When he’s asked to babysit a Rawlings outside a suspected arson attack, he expects his charge to be tall, dark and handsome. A petite, delicate and pretty Rawlings comes as a shock, and it’s not the only shock Dane has in store for him. 

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 4.00