Gay Until Graduation

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Gay Until Graduation

Book three in the G-A-Y Series

Gay Until Graduation was a good read. It was really quick and it jumped around in time. The novella is interesting and kept my attention but it was too fast for me. I liked the characters but almost felt that it was hard to get to know them well becuase the story was so short. I wish that it was longer because I really liked what there was. I wanted there to be more detail on the relationship between Baxter and Spencer though. The characters were genuine and had no inconsistincies. The story flowed through the entire story.

Book Blurb for Gay Until Graduation

Contemporary/ Gay/ BDSM
Short Story

A gay man should know better than to get involved with a guy who is only gay until graduation, but Baxter's never been very good at saying no to Spencer...

Stunning, dominant and cheerfully bi-sexual, Spenser's been screwing his way through both the male and female student population since he arrived at the university. Baxter is entirely gay, completely submissive and, by his own estimation at least, thoroughly average. He knows that being more than friend's with Spencer would be more trouble than it's worth.

When a drunken Spencer decides that he's going to be gay until graduation Baxter doesn't pay much attention. But when his friend's attention suddenly focuses in on him, the guy he's had a crush on for months soon becomes far more dangerous to his peace of mind.

Baxter knows he should say no to a relationship that will break his heart when they graduate, but he's never been very good at saying no to his friend - especially not when Spencer is offering him everything he's ever wanted.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 3.75