Fast Girls

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Fast Girls

Fast Girls is an anthology with a lot of stories. They are all short, quick scenes because of this. The sex is very detailed and there are not any really deep feelings in most of the stories except for lust. The feelings are not what are focused on in these stories. It’s about the sex and the feelings that the sex gives them. In a few there are some feelings of love though they are from lasting relationships but the sex is still very hot, not real tender, gentle loving. This anthology is pretty hardcore. If you like the feelings and love to be in your hot, detailed stories than this is not the book for you, but if you don't mind people just wanting to get down and dirty it is. Anyone looking for some really hot erotica should check out this lust filled anthology.

Book Blurb for Fast Girls

Edgy Erotica for Women

"These fast girls speak to me on many levels. I admire them, respect them, marvel at them, raise my eyebrows at them, want them." —from the Introduction

Fast girls don’t mind being the girl everyone is talking about, as long as all eyes are focused their way. They are wanton, daring, shameless, and bold. Fast Girls celebrates the girl with a reputation, the girl who goes all the way, and the girl who goes after what she wants–and gets it! Featuring writing by Kayla Perrin, Tristan Taormino, Donna George Storey, Saskia Walker, Kristina Wright, and others, Fast Girls is a racy, provocative collection of erotica by the cream of the crop of female erotica writers. They take readers on unexpected journeys...with explosive results.

Also includes contributed stories by Jacqueline Applebee, Angela Caperton, Suzanna V. Slate, Lolita Lopez, Andrea Dale, Susie Hara, Jennifer Peters, D.L.King, Cherry Bomb, Isabelle Gray, Charlotte Stein, Elizabeth Coldwell, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Tess Danesi, and Tenille Brown.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 3.25