Deliberate Deceptions

Hauberk Protection, Book 3

Deliberate Deceptions was a great read. I really enjoyed the characters. Chad and Lauren have had a bad break. Lauren had a job that went bad and so now someone is after her and possibly people she cares for, which includes her ex-husband Chad. Chad has no idea about this and Lauren does not clue him in at first. Instead she has Hauberk Protection protect her and put her in a safe house. They also have Chad head it up so that she can have a chance to talk to him. At first she doesn't know how to handle it or to bring up what she wants to talk about but both Chad and Lauren are still in love with each other. They just have to make the first move.

The characters are written well and I enjoyed their story. I was rooting for them to get together from the very beginning. This story is somewhat heart breaking because of all that happened to break them up and keep them apart. The storyline is great and follows very realistically, if you are in that line of work. I liked the action that was involved but it is not over the top. It focuses on the relationship and fixing more than just action. It flows very smooth throughout the story. The sex is explicit and not overly frequent. There are plenty of emotions for both Chad and Lauren from the very beginning and so when they finally got together I was just excited and enjoyed it.

This is part of a series. You don't have to have read the previous books in it to read it and enjoy it. Chad is in the previous books and so you would know more about him but not enough to confuse or cause problems if you haven't read them.

Book Blurb for Deliberate Deceptions

A little lying and misdirection in the name of love is never wrong. Right?

Chad Miller once had the perfect life—a beautiful baby daughter, a loving wife, a promising career with the FBI. Within a year, he’d lost everything. Making Hauberk Protection a success salvaged his career, but he’s never managed to get over the one fateful decision that spelled the end of his marriage. And the death of his child.

For eight years, grief and guilt have haunted Lauren Miller’s climb up the ranks of the Light Brigade, a secret international hostage rescue team. Now she’s the target of a vengeful ex-Brigade operative who’ll stop at nothing to take her down. Even if it means taking out everyone she cares about. Including Chad. Getting him to accept her as his bodyguard? It’ll take some fast talking—and faster hands.

Trapped in a remote safe house with Lauren is the last place Chad ever wanted to be. He may finally have the chance to get some answers about why she ran, but with his hard-won defenses crumbling, he’s having trouble remembering the questions. In the heat of their rekindled passion, Lauren struggles to keep her professional focus…and keep the secrets that could break his heart all over again.

Warning: Angst dead-ahead! Lost love. Angst. Reunited lovers. Angst. Sex. More angst. And did I mention the angst? A box of tissues is definitely needed. But don’t worry, there’s still a Happy-Ever-After.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.00