The Grant Brothers Series, #4

Byron was a really amazing read. I was drawn in from the very first page. I did not want to stop reading once I started and I was not ready for the story to be over. The characters were extremely well written and I fell in love with them.

Taylor has not had an easy life and when Byron walks into her life she is ready to run because he is a dom. She had just gotten raped and abused by a dom in a public dom/sub club and nobody helped her so she wants to be done with the whole scene. The one problem is that she is a sub and she needs the release it gives her. Byron has to talk her into giving him a shot because she repeatedly tries to run from him.

I loved the storyline and the action involved in this story. The story is not slow but it is not overly fast either. Byron and Taylor have to work at a relationship and that is very relatable. There were plenty of emotions involved by the time the sex started. The sex was explicit but not overly frequent because it takes a while for Byron to convince Taylor to give him a chance. I loved the way that everything worked out and how everything worked together. It all clicked and I would love to read more in this series, both before and after this book.

Book Blurb for Byron

Byron has everything. Good looks, money, a great career as an artist and a secret he thinks his family doesn’t share.

Byron likes to play games, but not the kind you expect. He is owner of a specialized club called Tightly Bound and he enjoys playing the role of Dom. The only thing that is missing from his life is a submissive of his own and someone to love.

During the traditional Grant winter fundraiser, Taylor a young and beautiful friend of Jamie's gets ill from a bite she received at a different club. Byron realizes he may have found a match in her and he recognizes characteristics in her that are common to a submissive. He soon offers her a private invitation to his club, where he can meet her in a place they are both comfortable. Soon Byron realizes he wants much more than a submissive, he wants love. Her love.

But the people she works for are crooks and Taylor just happens on to their scheme and is afraid she’ll turn out like one of the characters in the movie, The Firm – A dead woman. Going to Ronnie Grant she gets the help she needs, but is it enough? Is it too late?

Byron and Taylor come together in ways that both amaze and astound even them. But can their love and that of his family save her?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.75