Bucking Hard

Bucking Hard was a great story. I really enjoyed it and wished that it was longer. I didn't want to leave the Bradi and Mason just yet. Bradi wants the one man she has ever loved, her best friend, but she is scared to tell him because as far as she knows he only sees her as one of the guys. What she doesn't know is that recently he has seen her as a total woman and is trying to come to grips with it. He doesn't know that she wants more from him than just friendship and feels like a pervert for seeing her sexually. He wants her but he doesn't know that he wants her in the forever type of way until it is almost too late. His jealousy leads him to try and teach her a lesson but it backfires and he is the one doing all the learning. Bradi wants just the one night so that she can live off of the memories but in the morning she feels like she has ruined the friendship. Mason instead has realized that he loves her during the night and plans on telling her but she is gone out of his bed and house before he gets a chance. His feelings for her and the feelings that he finally realizes she has are very deep and not something that he wants to lose. As he tries to figure out what she wants and how to not lose her, she is struggling with leaving. She really doesn't want to but she also can't stay and watch Mason with other women. This story is jam-packed with emotion. I really enjoyed getting to know the characters. The story flows and I didn't want to put it down. Great story and I'd love to read more from Darah Lace.

Book Blurb for Bucking Hard

All her life, tomboy Bradi Kincaid has wanted two things—a career as a veterinarian in her hometown of Grayson, Texas…and Mason Montgomery. Problem is, he’s her best friend and, according to him, she’s “one of the guys”. Convinced he’ll never see her otherwise, Bradi comes up with a sure-fire plan to get over Mason—flirt a little, dance a lot and get laid.

What Mason imagines doing to Bradi is just all kinds of wrong. But the woman on the dance floor isn’t the girl he grew up with. She’s hot and sexy and turning him on. Him and every other man in the bar. She’s also had too much to drink and is unaware of the trouble she’s inviting. He does what any friend would—he steps in, then sets out to teach her a lesson.

But before the sun rises, Mason discovers Bradi has a thing or two to teach him.

Reader Advisory: This story contains spanking, biting and some tie-me-up, bucking-hard sex. 

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.50