Better Than Friends, A Hammer Story

Better Than Friends was a good short read. Hank and Jason have been good friends for a really long time so they know all about the other, except for one thing, that they are both into BDSM. Hank is a top and Jason is a bottom. They are completely shocked to see the other in this way. Jason does not know what to do and he wants to run away from it. Hank on the other hand wants to try it out. He has had a thing for his friend for a while and he is not letting this chance go.

The dialogue in this story is good. There are some good conversations that happen and some that are funny. Jason uses his words to get his way and to get into trouble. Hank knows what he is doing and so it creates an interesting situation. I really enjoyed the fact that these were longtime friends. It made the story feel realistic. The sex is hot and explicit. It is BDSM but not hardcore BDSM. It adds to the story because of the trust and emotion that is involved with Hank and Jason. I really enjoyed the characters and the way they interacted.

Book Blurb for Better Than Friends, A Hammer Story

Hank and Jason have been best friends since before Hank even came out of the closet. They're both busy, but they're each other's go-to guy when they need to unwind, and relax. At least, that's what they think.

When Hank finally fulfills a secret dream and rounds up the money to join the Hammer Club, the first person he meets is a sexy, slinky, bratty bottom named… Jason? They spend dinner together, trying to get a handle on this new view they now have of each other.

Will their friendship be able to handle this sudden shift in their realities, or, even better, can these two best friends find a way to be better than friends?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 4.00