Beguiled by the Forbidden Knight

When I first began reading my first romance novels in junior high (much to the disapproval of my parents) I found myself quickly devouring historical-romances and almost immediately I knew that the genre was one that I would always love. My favorite theme of these classic historical-romances was of course of knights. Sadly, this theme seemed to die out as dukes, ballrooms, and carriages began to take center stage of historical-fiction. I cannot begin to write how exhilarated I was to have found, "Beguiled by the Forbidden Knight!" Yes, finally an author was willing to bring back a theme that had long since been forgotten and I was so overwhelmed with excitement that I could not put this book down.

"Beguiled by the Forbidden Knight," was instantly a breath of fresh into an otherwise stale genre of repeating heroes and heroines. To say that I immensely enjoyed this book would be a serious understatement! I so enjoyed this book for capturing the magic of what I found so romantic as a child and used to spend my times in English classrooms daydreaming over. Gui is the rare and true hero of this book. A knight by profession and a gentleman by choice. I was a fan of Gui from the very beginning of the story.

I think it is a fair assumption to say that I also enjoyed the company of Aelfhild although the forbidden secret that she was carrying could have lead to the ultimate betrayal. Like Gui, Aelfhild was strong-willed and determined to see her task through even if it meant her life could have been on the line for doing so. I very much like how Gui understood why Aelfhild had kept her secret so closely guarded.

The romance in this book is not as steamy as some of the other Medieval titles that I have read. Yes, there was a wild, untamed passion between Gui and Aelfhild but it was nothing too hardcore for the more sensitive reader. In fact, the plot is more centered around the fiction rather than the actual romance, but I still loved this book regardless along with the little teases that the author gives along the way.

If you are not already convinced to give this book a try please take my advice and do read this book. The story, the romance is all worth the small effort it takes to read the title. I for one will definitely be rereading this book again and again in the future years.

Book Blurb for Beguiled by the Forbidden Knight

He’s her enemy…

…and she must not fall for him!

When her mistress is claimed as an enemy knight’s betrothed, handmaiden Aelfhild knows it would be too dangerous for her lady; she must go in her place. But there’s more to the scarred knight than she first thought—she isn’t expecting to fall for him! As the line between friend and enemy blurs, Aelfhild realizes she might be protecting her mistress, but not her heart…

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2018 4.00