Take It Off, Warrior

WARNING: This book may cause you to lose control. You may suddenly find yourself catching a flight to Scotland, opening a bookstore next to a medieval castle, and going to any length in order to have a sexy highland warrior suddenly travel through time to be with you. Who knows...you may even be lucky enough to have this happen! After all, Valerie had the “sexy highland warrior” from a time long past suddenly show up in her bed! The lucky woman.....

Take It Off, Warrior is by far one of the best novellas I have ever read! Ask any reader, and they will agree that while novellas are a nice change off to a full length novel, they just can't always provide the same deep connection, satisfaction and romance that the longer books can. But with this one, let me assure you that when you finish those 84 pages, the last thing on your mind will be “dissapointment”!

Full of hot, steamy love scenes, this one may not be the romance book for every reader. But if you like them extra spicy, Take It Off, Warrior delivers—many times! And if this is any inclination as to the talent of Eliza Knight, then I'm sure her other novels will produce much the same reaction; I'm eager to find out myself, and plan on putting her other works at the top of my wish list.

However, what makes this novel a favorite for me wasn't just the explosive sex—it was the connection between the hero and heroine. Despite the short story length in which they had to work with, they still managed to fall into bed and fall in love. Many erotica novellas out there only give readers a happy sex scene, while not always giving a believable HEA as well. Not this one though—this one had it all! Love, lust, passion, romance, desire...along with a touch of fantasy, a bit of wit and even a short storyline to back it up. After all, it's not a great romance novel if the only thing of value in the book is the sex!

5 STARS! A sexy, romantic romp through time, and one that you will not want to miss! It may be short in pages, but remember: it's not the size of the...book, but rather the way it's written that matters more!

Book Blurb for Take It Off, Warrior

Sixteenth-century Highland laird Camden MacLeod wakes up in the modern world. Confused with his surroundings, he haphazardly throws on his kilt and goes in search of whoever has played such a foul trick on him. What he finds instead is beyond tempting…
Valerie is thoroughly exploring the medieval Scottish castle she’s rented for her best friend’s bachelorette party. Not only does an oddly shaped stone in tower catch her fancy—it somehow brings her dream man to life.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 5.00