Love's Serenade

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Love's Serenade

Sarah's life changes drastically after the Apache tear through her homestead, killing her husband, abducting her young boy, and burning her barn down. She's lucky to have gotten away with her own life; in fact, one of the Indians came after her, but upon seeing her face, paled as if he'd seen a ghost he left quickly. Devastated by her loss, anxious to hold her son in her arms again, Sarah attempts to start over, all alone in the middle of Apache land.

Soon after, she starts receiving baskets of food and supplies, left on her porch during the middle of the night. Her unknown helper is a scarred man, Indian by the look of him, but though she catches him on her property many times, no doubt spying on her during the night, she does not fear this mysterious visitor. Instead, she finds herself falling for him! And there the “fun” begins... For, though she doesn't know it at the time, this man was the one that came after her on the night of the raid. Can he lead her to her son—and perhaps become her new husband alone the way?

I had a hard time believing the love that had supposedly grown between these two within a matter of days—without any real conversation or other kind of time spent together that would promote such growth. I think that was my main reason for only given it an “average” rating—I just didn't see the love, and in a romance novel, that's a big deal. Also, at times the story and characters seemed a bit... far away, as if distracted from the rest of the world that the author had created. It's hard to describe, but there were many times when I would just get settled into the story and something that was said or described would suddenly rip me out of that world and I would simply be reading somewhat dry words on a page again.

3 STARS! For a quick read, Love's Serenade isn't half bad. Unfortunately, for me at least, the romance and happily-ever-after wasn't enough to carry me away. The writing was okay, the characters were acceptable, but not perfect, and the story had great potential—I only wish there had been more of it, more time to show us their developing relationship, etc. Overall, my only complaint was that the story was too rushed; with a bit more development, I think this could have become a 4 star experience easily.

Book Blurb for Love's Serenade

Loving Sarah

When Indians raid Sarah’s homestead, killing her husband and kidnapping her son, her world is shattered. She’s sure she can’t survive on the plains alone, but someone is looking out for her, bringing her baskets of food and clothing, keeping her safe.

Sarah finally meets her benefactor, an Apache warrior called Toklanni who was sent to kill her, but who has fallen in love instead. Together they begin to build a life, but it’s incomplete without Sarah’s son. As Christmas approaches, Toklanni sets out to find him, determined to reunite their family.

Loving Devlin

After rescuing Sarah’s son from the Indians, Sarah and Toklanni—now known as Devlin—thought their hard times were over. Their farm was doing well and Sarah was nearly seven months pregnant with their child. Then a gang of Indians swept through, burning their homestead and kidnapping Sarah.

Devlin heads after them, but getting Sarah back requires a journey deep into enemy territory. Far from the comforts of home, they find themselves creating their own Christmas miracle.

Publisher’s Note: Both Loving Devlin and Loving Sarah were previously published elsewhere.


Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 3.00