Wanna Do Bad Things With You

Shelley Munro makes me wish I understood rugby, and she makes me love the men who play. Wanna Do Bad Things With You is the story of two sexy and talented athletes in a very homophobic world. Darcy is out and proud, regardless of the fact that he is shunned by teammates. He is fortunate to have the love and acceptance of his family. Tyson is in the closet, with no plans of coming out, even when he falls for Darcy. His controlling father would not be pleased. This story takes the reader through the development of Darcy and Ty's relationship, and the feelings of love that grow between them. I enjoyed it immensely, and I would love to see a follow-up story on this couple. It is hard to let go of them once the story has ended.

Book Blurb for Wanna Do Bad Things With You

Tyson Hamlin lives and breathes rugby. With loads of natural talent, he’s destined for the big time. But Tyson has a secret—his perfect life, complete with doting girlfriend—is a lie. While he loves the game, he’s not quite as driven as he used to be, and his girlfriend is a beard he hides behind because the truth is—he prefers men.

Darcy Nichols transfers from Dunedin to pursue his dream to make the national team. He’s giving his all this one last season and intends to focus on his goal. Openly gay, he arrives in Auckland to suspicion and hostility.

One look and Ty is smitten. He wants the sexy Darcy to do all sorts of bad things with him. Game on. The sparks fly in private as they burn up the sheets, but they can’t live in seclusion forever. They’re under public scrutiny, and one wrong step could derail their rugby careers and end their dreams forever. 

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 4.25