More Than Neighborly

More Than Neighborly by Stephanie Adkins is the story of two people coming together after each has been disappointed with past relationships. There is certainly heat, as this is a very sexy story, but I am not convinced that Kristen and Austin have the necessary ingredients for a long-lasting relationship. Each character wants to have a family and sees a potential mate in the other, but it all feels a bit too rushed to me. There are no words of love, though if there was an epilogue that has them saying those words at a future date, it probably would have convinced me. I did enjoy reading this story, and I like the couple very much. They seem like a lot of people who wish for something and someone to hold on to. I just found myself hoping they were not destined for more heartbreak down the road, after falling too fast for each other.

Stephanie Adkins is new to me, and she is a talented writer. I might not agree with the speed of the relationship, especially with Kristen's bitterness and resentment, but I never stopped rooting for Kristen and Austin as I read this book. I want them to be happy and make their relationship work, so I guess that makes More Than Neighborly a success. If a follow-up story about these two ever becomes available, I would be interested in finding out how they progress down the road.

Book Blurb for More Than Neighborly

How does a woman get past the shock of her fiancé leaving her at the altar—for a man? For Kristen Carter, it involves throwing herself into her job as a journalist and convincing herself that her life is much better without a man in it. That is, until sexy and seductive construction worker Austin McKenzie moves in next door. From the first time she spies him through his bedroom window making love to another woman, she is instantly drawn to him and her voyeuristic tendencies make her crave him in every way.

But Austin’s been around the block—several times. Now he wants the stability that a steady relationship can bring, and once he meets his next-door neighbor he feels he’s finally met the woman for him. The problem lies in turning Kristen into a believer—even after an unexpected visitor turns their world upside down.

Publisher’s Note: This story was previously published elsewhere under the title Breathing Shallow. 

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 3.75