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Gay Erotic Romance

A sheltered singer meets a professional motorcycle racer after an accident on the highway. Not a bad beginning to a story, and Shawn Bailey does a good job pulling the reader along for the ride as a sweet relationship evolves. Trinity and Brennan are very young, and new to sex with men, and each has concerns about getting involved with the other. Brennan's concern for his younger brother, and his horrible father's demands regarding how he lives his life, cause much strife for the two new lovers. However, the feeling of love is always there. While reading, I never doubted the emotions between the two. "Cherish" is a very good story. I do wonder about Brennan's choice of favorite song, considering his youth and professional life. While unbelievable to me, it does show that he is a sensitive soul, and I guess that is really the point. I also would have liked for him to decide to go to counseling, due to the baggage he carried. In the end, though, I was pleased with the resolution of the story. When I see another romance from Shawn Bailey, I will not hesitate to pick it up. This one has angst, love, drama, and a satisfying HEA.

Book Blurb for Cherish

The last thing pop star Trinity Warren expected to find sprawled in the middle of a dark highway was an injured motorcyclist who had dangerously into the path of a moving limousine. Trinity also never expected his body to react or his heart to race when the young man momentarily regained consciousness and stared up with beautiful dove gray eyes.

As Brennan Demarcus lay on the ground preparing to die a beautiful blond-haired angel appeared and looked down on him with concerned ice blue eyes. His body shuttered involuntarily as he closed his eyes. The last thing he remembered thinking was that maybe dying wouldn’t be so bad as long as he could fly around the heavens with someone as lovely as the angel that had appeared to take him to meet his maker.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 4.00