Bless The Beauty

Three-way sex and a creepy murder mystery combine to make an interesting read. Stacey Kennedy's Bless The Beauty is a good story. Hadley is a vampire FBI agent in love with her human partner Chase. They are trying to save victims of a psycho serial killer, when Hadley's maker Kellen shows up. The three end up both working and playing together, as Chase finds out that Hadley has kept him pretty ignorant of vampire life.

This one is told from Hadley's point of view, which I don't always like, but Ms. Kennedy makes it pretty clear what the men are thinking and feeling throughout. The killer is truly creepy and makes me cringe. The loving is also hot. I enjoyed this story and hope to read more about the relationship between the three stubborn characters. I'd like to be there as Chase continues learning about the world of vampires, and see how his relationship with Hadley and Kellen grows. I will also read more of Stacey Kennedy's work. I like her imagination!

Book Blurb for Bless The Beauty

Molten Silver title

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a serial killer has been arrested for the deaths of nine women. This case, however, is far from closed. Two of his victims are alive and time is counting down to discover their whereabouts. Thus, brings in the assistance of the FBI.

Hadley Sloan and Chase Finley might be Special Agents within the Criminal Investigations Department, but what their comrades don’t know is, they’re in love…or that Hadley is a vampire.

Soon, Hadley’s personal life is uprooted and she is left with even more of a mess on her hands when Kellen Boyd, her vampire husband returns to sink his fangs back into her life…

Hadley must juggle the two men in her life, keep her secret hidden, and locate these missing women before it’s too late…

Contains: M/F/M, suspense, abductions, vampires, A healthy case of one woman and her hands full with two men … 

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 4.00