Your Every Desire

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Your Every Desire

Kylie Monroe owns and operates a bakery/party planner business called Your Every Desire. She opened its doors with her assistant, Sarah, a little more than two years ago. Kylie’s true passion is the party planner side of the business but until it takes off, the bakery pays the bills. She’s on her way though due to Aaron Winter.
Aaron works in marketing advertising and Kylie knows that most of his dates are well known models. In fact, Aaron is the current boyfriend of her roommate, Mariah. Kylie met Aaron when he was put in charge of his company’s Christmas party and he decided to do something different. The different was hiring Kylie’s company and they became buddies; they watch football games together and generally hang out. Kylie would love to be more than a buddy with Aaron but realizes that this dream will not happen.
Their relationship changes the night before Aaron moves to OK for a year. He’s looking for Mariah and asks Kylie to help him. Kylie knows that Mariah has been cheating on Aaron with a wealthy European but doesn’t thing it’s her place to tell him. As far as she can tell, Aaron is ready to ask Mariah to marry him and move to OK. Aaron though has no such thoughts. He wants to break up with Mariah. During the course of the evening, Aaron and Kylie end up at Aaron’s house and then in this bed! Kylie would like to forget the whole evening but Aaron has different ideas.
As the book progresses, Kylie ends up living in Aaron’s house while he’s in OK and Kylie is offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to market a cookie. Aaron still wants to make Kylie more than a buddy but trying to do this long distance is difficult. Add to the mixture two interfering families and you get a humorous look at two people trying to define and make a relationship work.
The characters are extremely well developed and continue to grow throughout the entire book. As Aaron and Kylie’s relationship changes they are faced with trust issues like every other couple but with them living in two different states, it is compiled. Kylie is faced with making a major decision that will affect her entire life and not only wants but needs Aaron’s opinion. Aaron is willing to step aside from what he wants to let Kylie have her chance if she wants it. What neither does is shares what they really feel. As they try to get to that point, the misunderstandings are interesting and as they work them out, most people should be able to relate to them.
The plot is well paced and believable. Kylie assumes that Aaron would only date or care about models as that is who he is seen with. Aaron has gotten past that point and is looking for more. As they find that their relationship is ready to move on to something more than buddies, real life is still there. The situations which the characters find themselves in are those which could happen to anyone. After all, how often do couples have both sets of parents expecting them for a holiday? Or business calls when you would rather be trying to work out a problem or issue? 
Even the secondary characters had charm and interest. Sarah likes to party and go to the trendy clubs but is supportive of Kylie and her interests. Mariah is getting older but still looks years younger than she actually is. She’s looking for a sugar daddy and all the attention, yet still cares about Kylie. Aaron’s sisters really care about him to the point of dropping in unannounced while Kylie’s family is trying to figure out why she just didn’t get married after high school. They make the story come alive and cement the characters into real life.

Book Blurb for Your Every Desire

Kylie Monroe had been in love with Aaron Winters from the very first moment she came face-to-face with the most amazing blue eyes in Texas. Aaron had practically launched Kylie’s business, Your Every Desire Party Planners and Sweet Shop, into success when his firm hired her to cater their annual Christmas party where she and Aaron became friends. Unfortunately, Kylie definitely wasn’t Aaron’s type; he only dated models. A single night spent in each other’s arms changes all of that. But can Kylie trust Aaron when he tells her that it meant more to him than simply mending his broken heart?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 4.50