You Only Love Twice

Masters and Mercenaries, #8

This story is an action packed mystery BDSM romance with more intrigue than you can imagine. Covers are blown when a kill order is given. Jesse has no idea why someone is trying to kill him but he’s having a bigger issue on trying to merge his klutzy girlfriend Phoebe with a well training operative. Other members of the McKay-Taggart Security Services as well as the CIA become entangled in a mission unlike any other and finding out who is behind it may shake up foreign countries, ruin carriers and blow up buildings! There is no real down time and you will find it hard to put this book down. Even when this book ends, the plot continues. But, with hot men, determined women and a nation to protect, you’ll want to read each and every book in this series. This is definitely not your typical romance but it is so much more.

Jesse doesn’t know what is going on but it seems the woman he’s been dating for almost a year is actually an undercover agent. When he gets a text from her to meet in 10 minutes, he doesn’t even think twice about going. What he doesn’t expect is to have her line him up to kill him. What the heck is going on? Why would Phoebe get a kill order on him? Who is behind this? And, what does it mean?

Book Blurb for You Only Love Twice

A woman on a mission

Phoebe Graham is a specialist in deep cover espionage, infiltrating the enemy, observing their practices, and when necessary eliminating the threat. Her latest assignment is McKay-Taggart Security Services, staffed with former military and intelligence operatives. They routinely perform clandestine operations all over the world but it isn’t until Jesse Murdoch joins the team that her radar starts spinning. Unfortunately so does her head. He’s gorgeous and sweet and her instincts tell her to trust him but she’s been burned before, so he’ll stay where he belongs—squarely in her sights.

A man on the run

Since the moment his Army unit was captured by jihadists, Jesse’s life has been a nightmare. Forced to watch as those monsters tortured and killed his friends, something inside him snapped. When he’s finally rescued, everyone has the same question—why did he alone survive? Clouded in accusations and haunted by the faces of those he failed, Jesse struggles in civilian life until McKay-Taggart takes him in. Spending time with Phoebe, the shy and beautiful accountant, makes him feel human for the first time in forever. If someone so innocent and sweet could accept him, maybe he could truly be redeemed.

A love they never expected

When Phoebe receives the order to eliminate Jesse, she must choose between the job she’s dedicated her life to and the man who’s stolen her heart. Choosing Jesse would mean abandoning everything she believes in, and it might mean sharing his fate because a shadowy killer is dedicated to finishing the job started in Iraq.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 5.00