Wolf's Quest

Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series Book 10

This story throws you right into the middle of series and it would be best after reading the previous books in order otherwise it will be hard to figure out what exactly is going on. There are many things and references that occurred in these previous books that make impacts on this story. This story continues with power struggles and the realization that there is now a king of the were. The characters are well thought out and have wonderful depth. This story has complexity with several storylines going on at the same time. While some storylines will wrap up in this story, others will continue on to future books. This is a shorter story but it is large in action. In this world where imagination allows things to be come real, is not just power struggles but how to set up a society where everyone is treated well. I really enjoyed this story and this series. Each book opens up more twists, turns and loops.

Terrell is heading home to become the new alpha for the pack his father ruthlessly ran. However, Terrell is still a child so he has a guardian coming with him. His guardian, Dusty has his family along which includes inquisitive young girls. In the basement of the alpha’s house is a cage where two women are kept. One is Terrell’s sister and the other a crazy old woman, or is she? Snarl is an older shifter who is searching for his mate. Could the old woman be her? Snarl is going to find out one way or another. There are pack members who supported Terrell’s father. Will they accept Terrell or will there be a challenge? No matter what, there will be changes!

Book Blurb for Wolf's Quest

Beware the fury of a wolf shifter!

When an evil alpha kidnaps his mate, wolf shifter Thorkell 'Snarl' Leiffson spends more than a decade searching for her.

Now, he thinks he knows where she is, and nothing will keep him from her. Nothing. Not even a dragon shifter bent on frying him to a crisp.

May the Progenitors help anyone who tries to stop him!

Most of the events in this book occur in the week before the last chapter in Wolf's Enemy.

This book is a short novel of 42,000 words.

Lynn Nodima's books are clean, with no sex or profanity.

Each book in the series can be read alone; however, for the most enjoyment, the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series should be read in order.

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Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2018 4.00