Wolf's Queen

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Wolf's Queen

Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series, #7

This is the seventh book in a series and begins where the sixth book ends. It would be best to read the first six books prior to reading this one in order for it to truly make sense and allow you to totally enjoy it. Though the blurb only talks about Janelle, there is another part of the story in this book which will change how this were world will be molded. In the previous story a werepanther was shot. This story will be the continuation of his story as well as Janelle’s coming into her own story.

This story does feature a lot of the female characters. These characters had become fairly docile. However, they kick butt during their trip to Houston and become much more interesting characters. Janelle as the Alpha Queen takes the lead but were and human alike take charge when one of their own is in danger. I really enjoyed the mesh of the two very different aspects of this book. Both enhanced this world. I’m enjoying seeing how things are evolving and changing. I have to say that this series is becoming addicting as I always want to know what is going to happen next. I also thoroughly enjoy that there is a wide range of characters that show up and support the story. This is a terrific addition to the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack series.

The Story: Flora is really worried about her Tom, Will. He was shot when taking over the Huntsmen compound. She wonders now why she didn’t mate him prior to this. Will he totally recover? Now that the pack doesn’t have to immediately worry about the Huntsmen, Janelle wants a girls day out without any men tagging along. She has to promise Nate, the were King, to call if she comes across anything she needs help with. What Nate doesn’t know is, Janelle is ready for almost anything that would hurt these women. Why call Nate for help when Janelle can kick butt herself!

Book Blurb for Wolf's Queen

With the Oklahoma Huntsmen routed, the injured healing, and the battles over, at least for now, Janelle, Queen of the Were, wants nothing more than for things to get back to normal.

She takes a mixed group of were ladies to Houston for a ‘girls day,’ but the fun stops when human traffickers kidnap two of her pack.

The traffickers don’t know what they have.

More important, they don’t know what’s coming for them.

The Alpha Queen is hunting . . .

If you love reading about werewolves and other shifters, you will love learning about the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack!

This is Book 7 in the Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2018 4.00