Wolf's Enemy

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Wolf's Enemy

Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series, #8

This book is part of a series and would be best read after the previous seven books. This book further adds complexity to the series plot though each book also has a plot just for that book.

This book has Nate introducing weres to the President of the United States. That is not as easy as it sounds and is highly dangerous. This adds increased tension. You can feel the way Nate is torn between pack responsibilities, family issues and the overall were life. He is a well done character with lots of depth and he is extremely likeable.

The story plot is heartwarming. Dusty and Nettie are not young werewolves and each has seen a lot of bad things. Nettie is scared to have a relationship with any male. Dusty as the patience of Job. Both are excellent characters.

There are plenty more characters in this story; some from previous books and others are just being introduced. It’s amazing on how these characters quickly develop personalities and come alive. There is a lot going on in this story which is why I would recommend reading the previous ones but it’s also very easy to keep everything straight. The world that is being developed is incredible and I look forward to more stories.

The Story: Nate knows that he’s not going to be able to stay under the radar forever especially when the US Vice-President in part of a group that wants to kill all were and the President. He knows he has to warn the President but to do so would expose the were. He’s not sure how this is going to work out. If done incorrectly, the were may be fighting more than just the vampires who want to destroy them. Nate also has other problems back at his pack. He’s got some young that need foster parents. He’s not sure who or how but he knows that these young need to leave the ranch to go other places. They also need to make sure the ranch is ready to be defended from Huntsmen and vampires. With good allies and pack members, he may be able to keep everything together.

Book Blurb for Wolf's Enemy


Human-raised Nate Rollins struggles to unite all werekind, worldwide, into one kingdom. 

Building a kingdom is hard when you don’t have a country of your own.

With enemies attacking his family and pack, Nate must defend them all while striving to fulfill the charge given him by the Progenitors.  

But that's not easy when both human and were leaders don't yet have a reason to trust him.


As Nate's step-father, Dusty was tortured for two full decades for preventing evil forces from finding his step-son before he could protect himself. 

With Nate grown and his captivity over, all Dusty wants is to settle down with his true mate and create a blended family. 

But every time he approaches her, she runs.


Widowed, Nettie won't take the risk her true mate will be as evil as the alpha she was forced to mate.

After years of spousal abuse, the thought of mating again is terrifying.

Even if her true mate is the king's step-father.

Besieged by enemies within and without, will Nate keep his people safe, or will rogue vampires destroy the were and enslave humans?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2018 4.50