Wolf's Destiny

Texas Ranch Wolf Pack Series Complete Books 1-6

This collection of six books is actually one very big story. It develops from a shocking beginning and awesomely ends with a new life and world. Each story is built on the one prior to it so it is best to read these books in order. Each introduces more characters, more complexity and more depth.

This is an interesting combination of good against evil and how much power should one person have. Secrets and brainwashing cause confusion and change loyalties. The characters are terrific. Nate’s role in life drastically changes yet his core person never does. Janelle is a hard character to get a handle on. She starts out as a strong woman but then takes a submissive type role only to change again into a force to be dealt with.

This was a fun world to visit and I can see lots of side stories that could be written about many of the secondary characters. I also can see more books going forward as Nate fulfills his role as were King.

This was an interesting bundle that I’m glad is bundled together because it made it much easier to follow the big picture.

The Story: Nate is just driving down the street when Janelle jumps in his car looking for escape from her hunters. Little does he know that this will completely and permanently change his life forever. Janelle is not just a pretty woman, she’s a werewolf. And, the hunters after her are werepanthers. Nate soon learns that he’s also a werewolf and that he’s the only hope Janelle’s pack has for survival. How did this happen and why didn’t Nate always know what he is?

Book Blurb for Wolf's Destiny

Janelle Hynson is running for her life.

All Janelle wants is to graduate from college, get back to her pack, and find her mate, but werepanthers are hunting her.

She escapes to San Antonio, where the werepanthers find her. Out of options, she jumps into vacationing SAPD Detective Nate Rollins’ car.

Little does he know his old life is over.

Now, he must protect them both from creatures he never knew existed.

But things are not as they seem.

Nate has a secret even he doesn’t know. A secret that throws them both into more danger.

His old life is gone.

Can he survive his new one?

The six-book box set includes:

Wolf's Man

Wolf's Claim

Wolf's Mission

Wolf's Huntsman

Wolf's Trust

Wolf's Reign

Werewolves, werepanthers, werelions, vampires, and more!

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2018 4.00