Wolf Unbound

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Wolf Unbound

This book has been previously published with a different publisher. The cover may have changed but the story stayed basically the same. And, if you haven’t read it, please do. This is the second story is an absolutely fantastic paranormal series. Each story can stand alone but its back drop is a werewolf war and a totally evil werewolf. If that part of the story is important, and it is intertwined throughout the series, start at the beginning. If you just want a love story, go ahead and pick this story up because it is an off the charts love story. You’ll find two strong characters, Tegan and Ben who can be hard headed but are dedicated to protecting those around them. Tegan is a werewolf while Ben is human. This alone could be an issue but there are a lot more besides that. Figuring them out comes with fights and some terrifically hot make-up sex. There is some mild, brief BDSM. Just as an FYI, I’ve read this story before and never have a problem with rereading it. It’s just that good.

Tegan lost her mate several years ago. He died in Afghanistan. Now, she’s finally ready to start living an independent life. Going to bed with the sexy liaison between the human police and the pack, Ben is not a hardship. Using a condom isn’t necessary as werewolves can’t catch STDs and it isn’t Tegan’s fertile time. What Tegan doesn’t expect is a mating bond! How the heck is she going to explain this to Ben? They just met!

Book Blurb for Wolf Unbound

The Cascadia Wolves will do anything to protect their own. Tegan Warden knows that better than anyone. The Pack closed ranks around her years ago when her mate died, and much as she appreciates their support, it's time to move on. That means dating—and for Tegan, it also means finding someone who understands her needs in the bedroom.  

Finding Ben. 

The dominant human may not be a wolf, but he makes Tegan shiver from their first encounter. He knows what she needs and doesn't hesitate to give it to her. What's more, they share a bond beyond sex. It's been years since any man has made her feel so alive, so beautiful and desired.  

But there's an enemy working against the Cascadia Wolves, an enemy gathering forces to strike. The looming war is a threat to wolves and humans alike, and if they can't stop it, the love that Tegan and Ben have worked so hard to find may not be enough to protect them from what's coming.  

Previously published with a different publisher

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2017 4.50