Wolf Mates (Collection)

Wolf Mates (collection) really is a collection of stories by Dakota Cassidy. It’s four stories short stories that are centered around a most unusual werewolf pack. Each story has a werewolf in it finding their mate but with a twist.

An American Werewolf in Hoboken starts this collection. Derrick Adams is the alpha of his pack. For some reason his grandmother, Eva has seen a prophecy that he will find his mate in Hoboken. Derrick is put in the pound while in his wolf form only to be adopted by a human, JC Jenson. JC is a beautician and calls her new “dog” Fluffy. Derrick decides to play along but he also gets the apartment across the hall to get to know JC as a human. There’s definitely a strong attraction between the two but how is Derrick going to explain that Fluffy wants to be JC’s mate?

While JC ends up with a human, his brother Max isn’t so lucky. Max finds his mate at the pound. She’s a cat and the title of this story is What’s New Pussycat. How can a wolf be attracted to a cat? That’s what Max would like to know. It doesn’t matter as Max and Martine discover.

Julia Lawrence is Derrick and Max’s cousin. She just doesn’t understand why human guys get so scared when her tail appears. She just doesn’t seem to be attracted to the werewolves she’s been introduced to. However, when her new financial advisor shows up, Julia is knocked for a loop. Forget the numbers, she just wants the guy. Xavier Wolf may not be a werewolf but he is a shifter. He shifts into a lion which is a bit bigger than the kitty Martine shifts into. Can Julia and Xavier figure things out in Moon Over Manhasset?

The last story in this collection is Ruff and Ready. Emerson Palmer fights for environmental rights and currently is on Adams land fighting an Adams, Lassiter Adams. Lassiter is a known builder of condos and he some how bought the Adams land for unpaid back taxes no one knew about. He’s been going around the property digging it up and Emerson has had it. It doesn’t matter that they went to school together and were once best friends. Lassiter is up to something and Emerson is out to stop him. Wait until she learns some of the secrets he’s been keeping!

Each story is different and yet each ties in with the others. They can be read alone but truly they are so much better when read in order. Each is about 90 pages long which makes them perfect for a quick get away or a lazy afternoon.

The most unique thing about these stories is the pack. This isn’t your normal everyday werewolf pack as you’ve probably guessed by the mates that are found. Introducing a human, a cat, a lion and the mysterious Lassiter into the pack was nothing. After all, Hector raises bunnies and is a vegetarian, Eva gets prophesies from chicken soup and the rest of the werewolf packs make fun of the Adams. This is definitely a different pack.

And because of the different pack, this book is full of humor. From Julia’s tail showing up when she doesn’t want it to Derrick being called Fluffy, things are a bit off beat and with a different slant on them. It’s hard to not laugh when Martine wonders if her kids will be catdogs like on the cartoons.

The characters are not only fun but they do have some depth to them. Derrick is in charge but he also respects his elders and listens to his peers. JC is a city girl all the way and she makes sure Derrick knows that. Max is a self man but Martine is a bit spoiled so she gives him a run for his money. Julia is a business woman who knows how to make money and she wants sex, nothing permanent. Xavier’s pride has never had anything but lions in it, how is he going to explain a wolf?

These are truly wonderful paranormal stories that are lighthearted and whimsy. These are totally different from most other stories in this genre and weather you read them all in one sitting or space them out, they are sure to have you laughing at the absurd situations that the characters get themselves into. What is even better, there are some loose ends including bunny loving Hector that need to be wrapped up. I can’t wait to read more about the Adams Pack!

Book Blurb for Wolf Mates (Collection)

Derrick Adams is not happy. His pack of werewolves isn't like all the others...

Derrick's brother Max found his lifemate in the pound, he has a cousin who's a vegetarian, and Xavier Wolf comes from a pride, instead of a pack. Lassiter Adams isn't exactly what he seems, either. Neither is his parakeet!

Now Derrick has a lifemate of his own -- and she isn't barking. You'll laugh, you'll sigh, and you'll need a fan, because these stories are exceptionally hot!

This collection contains the previously released novellas An American Werewolf in Hoboken, What's New Pussycat?, Moon Over Manhasset, and Ruff & Ready. Page Count: 347

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.50