Wolf Line: Northern Lights Edition

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Wolf Line: Northern Lights Edition

Granite Lake Wolves Book 5

Jared is having a morning coffee with some of his pack’s hierarchy when he notices the two older brothers of the girl he was with the previous night looking for someone and that someone is probably him. While trying to evade them, Jared sneaks on board a cruise ship. There he is mistaken for one of his pack mates and Jared doesn’t correct them. He thinks he’ll have time to get off the ship before it sails but his timing is off.

Keri is helping her best friend by working as a troubleshooter on the cruise ship. It’s her friend’s first solo cruise and she wants it to be perfect. When she sees a current hire sneaking on board, she needs to check it out. She doesn’t expect to find her mate and she really doesn’t expect him not to recognize her. What is going on?

Jared is making the best of being trapped on the ship. It’s a good thing he knows a little something about maintenance! This cruise line is unique in that everyone on board is a shifter of some sort. Jared is shocked though the first time he shifts and discovers his mate! In his human form, he doesn’t have a sense of smell which means he never expected to find his mate.

Things would be great except that jewelry is being stolen from state rooms. When Keri finds a piece in Jared’s tool belt, she’s convinced that Jared is the thief. When Jared finds the same piece in Keri’s drawer, he’s sure she’s the thief. What is going on?

And, Jared has more secrets than sneaking on board and pretending to be a pack mate. He’s concerned that when Keri finds out, she’s not going to be happy.

This is the fifth book of Vivian Arend’s Granite Lake Wolves series. You do not need to read the previous books in this series to thoroughly enjoy this one. The main characters in the previous books only make token appearances in this one and the plot is not based on the previous books. It can definitely be read by itself.

One of the great things about these books is the humor that is intertwined through the entire story. Ms Arend is able to give her readers a sense of fun with each scene. Right from the start you know that this story is going to have some humorous scenes as you learn Jared can’t smell his mate. This isn’t suppose to happen! And, when each thinks the other is the thief, how do you figure that one out without telling the other person. Between misunderstandings and shifter playfulness, there is plenty to laugh about throughout this story.

The characters are the driving force of this story and they are fantastic. Jared may have secrets that he’s not wanting to share but they are all good secrets. However, they also might get him in trouble! Jared is not an alpha in his pack and he’s perfectly happy being somewhere in the middle. He’s friendly and helpful. Keri is a loyal friend. She has a degree in art which doesn’t make her very employable. She’s attracted the attention of more than Jared on this cruise though and is having to figure out how to get rid of the other wolf.

There is sex in this story. After all, Jared and Keri are mates and therefore, can’t keep their hands to themselves. The sex is hot and in human form.

I really enjoyed this story. Actually, I really enjoy this series. Each story is complete within itself but leaves you wanting to know more about his unique pack. This story is no different.

If you like some playfulness in your shifter stories, some unique characters and something that is different, read this book. Though not very long, it gives a complete story with lots of action, both in the bedroom and out. There is more than just a love story; after all there is a thief on board! And though there is a bit of suspense, there is a lot more humor. All around terrific book.

Reviewed Original Version in 2012.

Book Blurb for Wolf Line: Northern Lights Edition

A standalone title in New York Times bestselling author Vivian Arend’s light-hearted, feel-good paranormal series.


Into the best-laid plans a little chaos must fall…

Wolf-about-town, Jared Gilliland, hides secrets within secrets, but his love of the female persuasion isn’t one of them. It’s woman-trouble that disrupts his quiet morning coffee near the harbor and ends with him on a cruise ship impersonating one of his pack mates. No worries. It’s just a new adventure to enjoy—until he’s confronted with someone who makes his inner wolf sit up and howl. Suddenly, Jared’s stuck in limbo; wanting to protect, needing to stay away.

Keri Smith joined her best friend for the shifter-only sailing of the Arctic Wolf Cruise. Her job is supposed to be trouble-shooter, so while she’s nearly positive the last-minute recruit sneaking aboard the tour is her mate, ix-nay on confirming that at least for the next ten days. Getting tangled up in mating lust would reduce her skills to nil. Avoidance of the sexy wolf for the duration of the cruise, followed by jumping his bones, seems the logical solution.

But when libidos are on the line, “logic” and “wolves” don’t go together.

Warning: Really? You need to be warned about the hot nookie and sarcasm? Yeah, it’s in here. Also, colourful cat shifters, lupine royalty, and wild adventures in cabins like you’ve never seen before.


The NORTHERN LIGHTS EDITION is a revised and extended version of the 2012 original.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.00