Witch One?

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Witch One?

Cassandra Blanchard loves what she does, high school art teacher, loves where she lives, rural NY, and has the love of her life, high school English teacher Ethan McBride. Cassandra is from France and visits her family fairly frequently. They’ve met Ethan and love him too. Ethan accepts Cassandra for what she is; a curvy, sexy, intelligent witch.
Yes, Cassandra is a witch while Ethan is not. It doesn’t matter to them but that fact will and its governing body will come back to haunt Cassandra reminding her of a commitment she made when she was just 12. 
When Cassandra accepts Ethan’s proposal a rippling affect occurs as she’s already agreed to marry another! Unless both families agree to dissolve the marriage, the Goddess will be called on to make a decision, which Cassandra must follow. As the Goddess has already blessed the earlier agreement, will she allow Cassandra to dissolve it? What if Armand, Cassandra’s first fiancé, doesn’t want to dissolve their agreement? And how is she going to explain all this to Ethan?
While this is a fairly short story, around 90 pages, it’s packed with lots of humor and suspense. 
Some of the best characters in this story aren’t even human or witches, they’re animals. Cassandra has 4 very loyal familiars that will do everything in their power to protect her. Of course, being animals they don’t always see the entire story and that causes some fur to ruffle when it didn’t need to. They provide some great comic relief though in some tense situations that Cassandra finds herself in. 
As for the human and witch characters, they are very well done. Because the story is so short, they don’t have a lot of depth but they are well done. Cassandra’s personality comes out in each scene that she is in giving the reader a very good sense of her. Ethan and Armand aren’t done as well yet you get an essence of their personalities which is all that is really needed. 
I found myself just skimming through this story. I don’t know if it felt like I just started it when it was finished was due to the length or that it never slowed down. It seemed like each page had something important going on weather is was a proposal or a visit from a court cryer or a high school function. There was a wonderful mesh of magical and common making this world believable and maybe even possible.
This would make a great story for a lazy afternoon. I really enjoyed it.

Book Blurb for Witch One?

Goddess have mercy on the man Cassandra chooses!

Cassandra Blanchard has it all, looks, breeding, education, successful career, beautiful home, magical powers and the hottest English teacher on the East Coast. Her life cannot be any more perfect than the night her love proposes to her under a full moon, a bonfire, and the entire small town of wonderful neighbors and friends cheering the happy couple on when she accepts Ethan McBride's offer of marriage.

After a blissful evening together, she awakens to find her very perturbed mother reminding her of one small problem--she has forgotten she is already engaged to another, an old family friend who journeys to the States to claim his wayward betrothed.

Which one will Cassandra choose--the golden prince or the darkly handsome knight who casts his charismatic spell?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 4.25