Winter Wishes

To really get everyone in the holiday spirit Carina Press has combined some great writers to give their readers three slightly different seasonal stories.

In Tangled Tinsel, Vivian Arend has two cat shifters sniffing each other out. Eloise Scott, known to her police department as El has been tasked with keeping Kyle Branegan safe and under wraps until a court case in January. To get his attention, she has to release the tight hold she’s had on her cat side. Reining it back in though may be a bit of a problem as it feels so good.

Kyle didn’t know there was another cat in this area, much less an attractive female one. At her invitation, he’s looking forward to some sexual kitty play. He’s shocked when he’s quickly handcuffed to El’s bed and given the choice of cooperating or staying stuck on her bed for several weeks. Visiting her family for Christmas sounds like an excellent alternative!

What El doesn’t know is Kyle is part of a secret cougar task force and is investigating a major drug dealer. His case gets involved with her, her family and his family so quickly that somehow El and Kyle find themselves engaged! Will they be able to straighten out this mess or will they find out that letting the cats loose can be a lot more fun that they thought?

Jumping right into hell, is the choice Sasha has in No Angel by Vivi Andrews. Jay knows he should tell his girlfriend, Sasha his secret but how do you tell someone that your mother is a demon and married to Lucifer? He knows that he can’t be on the mortal realm on Christmas day and yet Sasha wants him to meet her mother! Letting him explain on his terms becomes a moot point, when Jay is torn from Sasha’s kitchen on Christmas eve. Sasha is in for a bigger surprise when an angel offers her a chance to get him back.

Sasha has the opportunity to find Jay and return him to the mortal realm but she must complete the task by Christmas morning. If she fails, not only will Jay be stuck in hell but so will Sasha. Hell isn’t’ want Sasha expects but she has to try to give Jay a choice. In doing so, Sasha learns that Jay isn’t the only one with a secret.

The world as we know it is gone in Freeze Line by Moira Rogers. Shane has moved to Hamilton, way above the freeze line. There his werewolf is contained and he doesn’t have to worry about going feral. He has a good life though he keeps to himself. That is until he comes across a woman struggling in the winter snow.

Nadia is a warrior witch. Someone in her tribe wanted her gone and sold her to scientists to study. She’s escaped but can not tape into the magic of the earth in the frozen tundra. If she doesn’t warm up and get south soon, she’s going to perish. The last person she expects to save her up here is a werewolf but she’ s not looking a gift horse in the mouth.

Shane agrees to take Nadia south knowing that not only will Nadia get stronger but so will his werewolf. Can he keep in under control until he’s gotten Nadia far enough south so she can survive?

Each for these stories are extremely unique and do an excellent job of showcases their authors.

Because they are novellas and not full length stories, the thought is something will be missing or not fully developed. Instead, I found Tangled Tinsel gave me a wonderful glimpse into a world I wouldn’t mind visiting again. There is a solid foundation for the characters to work on. No Angel is a bit more compact but still is able to explore Hollywood and hell. There doesn’t seem to be any major elements missing and the story feels complete. Freeze Line has a more complex world and that complexity didn’t lend itself to such a short story. While the characters were well done, the world left many questions.

The fact is, all of the characters were well developed. From El going back to her rural roots to Nadia needing to prove that she is a warrior to be respected, each character came across as multi-faceted and interesting. Several had secrets that they didn’t want to share and keeping those secrets almost cost them the love that was being offered. Yet, each showed a vulnerable side but were not weak. All had a history and family. Nothing was missing from these terrific characters.

Each of these stories can be bought separately or together. Personally, I’d get them all. There isn’t a bad one in the bunch!

If you’re tired of the some old type of Christmas story, give these a try. There is nothing old or boring about any of them. They take a different look at Christmas and still bring that holiday flavor along. Weather their cats or demons or something totally different, the love of the season comes across. So, settle down in a warm comfy chair and head to some exotic worlds.

Book Blurb for Winter Wishes

A Twist on Tradition

A woman has the Christmas Eve from Hell. Two cat shifters play naughty games. And a witch brings out the beast inside the man. The magic of the season takes on a whole new meaning in these three fantastic—and festive—novellas from some of the best voices in paranormal romance.

Anthology includes:

Tangled Tinsel by Vivian Arend

No Angel by Vivi Andrews

Freeze Line by Moira Rogers

Stories also available for purchase separately. 

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 4.75