Wine Please

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Wine Please

This short book explores much more than a budding romance. It explores domestic abuse, mental health issues and family loyalty. Things aren’t always as they seem and solutions aren’t always easily seen. I liked that this story had some twists that are unusual and give the reader something to think about. And while I did enjoy this book, I also found it feeling rushed and lacking depth. Jennifer and Erik are good characters that could have been expanded. The sex scenes are well done but again that rushed feeling was there. The ending left me hanging. Things were good up to the point the book ended but things were not resolved. So, the story was okay but I think it needed more.

The Story: Jennifer has gotten the interest of local bar owner, Erik. She doesn’t say much and only has a glass of wine. Erik notices that she is coming in more lately and she has bruises. Jennifer isn’t talking about what is happening. Can Erik get her to open up?

Book Blurb for Wine Please

Jennifer Blake is a quiet girl in Minnesota who prefers to mind her own business. When things get rocky at home, she seeks refuge at a local bar. Owner Erik Johansen takes notice of her increasingly frequent visits, and he urges her to trust him. She soon realizes that his compassion is not all she desires.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 3.00