Wild Irish: Wild And Dirty

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Wild Irish: Wild And Dirty

Kindle Worlds Novella / A Wild Irish Novella

This story has to one of Elle Boon’s best story yet. She just seems to improve the more she writes. The characters come alive and it was easy to fall in love with them. I really enjoyed this story. Now, a few things struck me as slightly off but I’m willing to let them go as author’s creative license. The Bowie Baysox is a real minor league team located in Bowie Maryland. Bowie isn’t all that close to Baltimore. Plus, they really don’t pay all that much as they are a minor league team. The wealth that Alex and Donovan have had to come from another source than their salaries while was eluded to but not stated. In addition, as players in their late 20’s Donovan and Alex would probably be thinking of what next as it doesn’t seem as if they will be breaking into the pros. So, baseball aside, this story rocks. I loved how Ms Boon tied into Mari Carr’s Wild Irish series without actually taking over it. While the menage aspect may turn off some readers, I found that this story was sweet, sexy and satisfying.

Wren is heading home after a long night working when she discovers her brakes are not working. She attempts to slow down and get off the highway but only finds herself crashing through a guardrail. Alex and Donovan are on their way home when they come upon the wreak. It’s Donovan’s old girlfriend. The attraction is still there as is the caring but Alex seems to feel the same way. Can they figure this out?

Book Blurb for Wild Irish: Wild And Dirty

Traumatic heartbreak at the tender age of eighteen had Wren Mikaels avoiding love and focusing solely on her education. Now, years later, a car accident finds her with not one, but two heroes coming to her rescue—including the very man who left her without a word of explanation all those years ago.

When Donovan Lowes and his friend, Alex, stop at an accident site, he’s shocked to find Wren inside the wrecked car. The last time he saw her—naked, in his cousin’s bed—he left without a backward glance. But Van realizes it’s past time they worked through old hurts. Because the more he gets to know the woman she’s become, the more he understands his attraction to Wren never died…and Alex feels her allure, too.

Alex Summerston has been sharing women with Van, his best friend and fellow Bowie Baysox teammate, for years, but they haven’t found “the one.” Until Wren. Alex is instantly drawn to the dark-haired beauty, and if she’s able to forgive Van for their past, he knows they could have a future. He and Van will both do what it takes to convince her—in and out of the bedroom.

But happy-ever-afters are rarely so easy. It seems Wren’s accident wasn’t so accidental after all. Someone is out there, watching…waiting…and determined to snatch Wren’s newfound happiness away—permanently.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2017 4.50