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Wild Cards

Sorcery by the Sea Book 2

Though this book is labeled as part of the Sorcery by the Sea series, it is only very loosely attached. That is it only mentions San Buena and is not actually set there. It is set in Las Vegas and there is a lot more than flashy lights happening there. Death keeps showing up in unlikely places as a convention of wizards and other paranormal entities is being held in the same hotel. The two paranormal security officers are like fire and water….literally. Put together is can get steamy and it does. Moana and Adara are fantastic characters who truly come alive as they work on this crime spree. The question is, are they going to live long enough to solve who is behind the murders and will they figure out why. Moana’s past comes back to haunt him while Adara’s parents come to visit. This is an action packed fun paranormal romance that definitely does not have to be read within the series. It will show you the awesome world that Ms. Leon has made. Expect plenty of humor and fun as Moana and Adara use their powers to solve these murders. Totally great book.

Adara has worked on the floor of the Poseidon Casino for a while. She was hired because she can read humans and tell if they are going to cause trouble. But, on this day, that power is gone. She’s not sure why or what to do. Moana thinks this is a day like any other until he gets a phone can from his boss. There’s been a murder and a raccoon was found leaving the room. He expects to be working alone and expects this to be an easy case but that isn’t what happens. He’s partnered with Adara who isn’t sure how much help she’s going to be. But with one being a water elemental and the other being a fire, won’t they cancel each other out?

Book Blurb for Wild Cards

What happens when a water elemental meets a firebrand? Lots of steamy paranormal action!

At Poseidon’s Palace on the Strip, we put the “sin” in casino.

Adara is a curvy croupier and professional empath who’s never fit in to the human world. Being the daughter of a nymph of Venus and a devilish firebrand is complicated enough, but in the land of showgirls, it’s even trickier being shy and always knowing what everyone else is thinking. The poor thing has never even been in love. But thanks to a visit from her fairy godmother, her fate is about to change. Unfortunately, love comes with high stakes.

Paranormal house detective Kai Moana is the son of an Oceanic demigod. This hunk’s a bad boy who’s committed a mighty big transgression on the sea and gotten himself banished to Vegas to do penance. Things heat up when tourists are murdered, buffets are hexed, and hearts are literally ripped out. The crimes scream dark sorcery, and now he has to save Adara’s life before he can get her into his bed.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 4.50