Wicked Temptation

Three Kinds of Wicked

Trey is nearing the end of his term as a time strider. His mission is to connect lovers throughout history, righting a wrong and correcting mankind’s destiny. During this time he isn’t allowed to have sex, which is why when Diadra tempts him. He can’t wait to get out of her way.
Diadra wants Trey in more ways than one. She wants to stop him from finishing, this, his last mission. She also has a more devious reason…
Sage Sawyer has loved Russell McKenna since she was 16 years old. That was years ago and now it’s 1969 and they are heading to a great concert called Woodstock. Russell has changed though over the years especially since he got back from Vietnam. Still, Sage is sure that her love will make everything all right and Russell will revert back to who he was. When Russell pulls over along a remote country road, Sage takes this as an opportunity to once again attempt to seduce Russell. Will she accomplish it or will once again Russell experience violent flashbacks?
Trey comes splashing into a lake where Sage is swimming away from Russell not knowing that Diadra is following. As Trey helps Sage out of the water, he finds that he’s attracted to her. This isn’t suppose to happen! 
As he attempts to work things out between Sage and Russell, Trey’s feelings become even more chaotic. Diadra isn’t taking any of this laying down and her interference could cause some long lasting affects.
I really like the premise for this story. The idea of time striders intrigues me and makes me want to know more about their missions. The thought that love can change the world’s destiny is an interesting concept that I’d love to learn more about.
The characters were okay. Sage was very persistent in what she wants. Russell seemed to be a bit stereotypical raging Vietnam vet while Trey was very likeable. Diadra was a witch and portrayed one well.
While I did like this story, I found that it dragged in some places. Some of that was due to trying to get a lot of information to the reader in a small amount of time. Overall though, the pacing was okay.
There are a lot of things that were thrown at the reader in this story: the whole time strider concept, the getting couples together to change the world’s destiny and a whole hierarchy complete with political aspirations operating in a dimension outside of the one we live in. I’m hoping that this book was the start of a series due to the complexity of everything that was shared in this book. 
This story while not the greatest I’ve ever read, but it is worth reading and the concepts very intriguing.

Book Blurb for Wicked Temptation

Length: 130 pages, including front and back material
Trey, a time-striding demigod, spends his life skipping through the human timeline and reuniting couples torn apart by evil forces. Sworn to chastity, sworn to protect those he serves, Trey's own desires must never be expressed.
But on a mission to the Summer of Love, Trey meets Sage, a free spirit with a broken heart, and Russ, a scarred POW with a broken mind. His mission is to reunite Sage and Russ. But passion claims them, and their love triggers a destruction and chaos unmatched by any evil. By rights, Trey should be executed for breaking his vows.
Instead, he is sentenced to a new kind of servitude. Withhis chastity no longer an issue, he must find broken human couples and heal them sexually. Only after healing these broken bonds of love will Trey heal the broken human timeline. Only after reuniting these predestined pairs through his physical love will Trey be reunited with Sage.
Watch each month for a new "Three Kinds of Wicked" release, starting in July 2009, from Red Sage Publishing.
The first story in the series, "Wicked Temptation," unleashes the dangerous passion between Trey, Sage, and Russ. Each following stand-alone story explores Trey's efforts to physically reunite another couple in the preordained human timeline. The series ends with "Wicked Redemption," the companion to "Wicked Temptation," which brings Trey, Russ, and Sage together again.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 3.25