Wicked Memories

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Wicked Memories

Castle of Dark Dreams, #6

Though this is the 6th book in the Castle of Dark Dreams series, jump right in for a frightful fun adventure. Things that go bump in the night are normal and not everyone is human as fantasies are played out in Sparkle Stardust’s adult play park. But, her new neighbor has built an amusement park that blocks her view of the water causing her to want him gone. He, however, is after revenge and is holding a centuries old grudge. War is waged but a tentative peace must be made when an Old Norse god decides he wants both of their parks gone as well as most of the residents of Galveston.

Pure fun and fantasy are the backdrop of this wonderful paranormal romance that has every type of paranormal creature you can imagine as well as every god and goddess known to man. Thorn wants to hurt Sparkle but finds himself attracted to her spy, Kayla. Kayla has no idea that Sparkle is anything more than she appears until her cat starts to speak to her. And, then, she learns that Thorn is a vampire. She should be running but she’s not and ends up in a battle that no human should be involved in. If she doesn’t watch it, she’s going to fall in love with the wrong man, or make that vampire!

I can’t express how much I loved this story. The story is multi-dimensional and the characters are unique and fun. Things aren’t always as they seem which just adds the interest in what is going on. Illusion becomes reality. No dark gloomy scenes but lots of amusing ones. However, addiction is discussed as is long lost family. As usual, this story leaves me wanting more and who knows where Sparkle will end up!

Book Blurb for Wicked Memories

Return to the Castle of Dark Dreams, where USA Today bestselling author Nina Bangs lures readers into a world of pleasure, adventure, and revenge?

Thorn Mackenzie was a young Viking when he met Sparkle Stardust long ago. She used him and then abandoned him. Over a thousand years later, he has finally found a way to repay her. Employing his power of persuasion, he assembles a team that can create the ultimate fantasies and illusions. The group will work together in Nirvana, the amazing amusement park Thorn has built?right across the street from Sparkle’s Castle of Dark Dreams. To fight back before Thorn bleeds her business dry, Sparkle must hire a spy.

Kay Stanley needs extra money, so she reluctantly agrees to do some sneaking and peeking for Sparkle. But as she gets closer to Thorn, she discovers they have a lot more in common than just a need to crush the competition and a willingness to fight dirty. As sexual tension between them mounts, she finds it harder to see the gorgeous Viking as her enemy. But with an evil force working to destroy their city, they may not survive long enough for her to help him overcome his...

Wicked Memories.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 5.00